Bebe Dog Show
Dok Gent
Season 2

We celebrated the very last DOK day ever with different events. One of them was Bebe Dog Show

A professional jury reached out some juicy prizes for the most beautiful, fluffy, lazy, and queer dog at DOK Gent.

We noticed lots of people who visit DOK, they also bring their dogs with them. When we sit down on the terrace of Bebe Space, we used to watch them and told each other how cute every one them are. It was definitely not a race but more bring all these cute doggos together under the spotlights and share our dogs love with others. Pets made new friends and they simply spread joy among the crowd.

It was a very tough decision to make but we picked the fluffiest, the most cutest, the most Dok dog, and the queerest dog among these amazing contestants. We can easily say this event was one of the best shows we ever organized. It was pure happiness.

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