Calendar 2021
Gaelle Loth
Season 3

After announcing an open call for a queer illustrator who would like to create Bebe Calendar 2021, we had an overwhelming response. It was very difficult to pick one but in the end, we chose the dreamy Gaelle Loth for this edition.

Gaelle says the calendar illustrations work as a little flirting story in twelve chapters. A romance over one year, from the birth of butterflies in the belly to goodbye in a text message. Because love relationships are still the thing that makes us want to live the following year. And to start over.

Gaelle Loth is an artist, graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Lyon, France. But to get there, she owes a lot to her parallel studies of underground drawing and micro-publishing.

Her touchy-funny-freaky characters question identity and emotional relationships through intimate and delicate gestures, drowned in a mix of raw colors and flying strokes.

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