Eddie for President
Embassy of the Netherlands
Season 5  
“If you choose me as your president I will be one who desires to be overthrown again and again like how love has the ability to overthrow & shatte undo the lie that we are discrete individual separated from other discrete individuals”

Says our presidential candidate, Eddie. For this year's IDAHOT, we were invited by the Dutch Embassy in Belgium to celebrate 20 years of same-sex marriage. In response, we posed a question: "What do we want beyond legibility, beyond laws deciding which ways of being and loving are legal?" This led to a speculative presidential campaign where we raised our voices, chanted, sang, and danced around Eddie's speech.

Friedl Verfroemel
Winter Dieleman: trompet
Bernard Mestdagh: trombone
Robrecht Lasoen: sousafoon
Filipa Bettencourt: clarinet
Luís Melo: clarinet
Emma Amorim: clarinet

Alice Dooreman

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