Exhibition of Niels Poiz
Dok Gent
Season 2

`I Was Busy Finding Answers, While You Were Just Continuing Life` was the exhibition of Niels Poiz.

Installations, videos, audios and artist books are created through the practice of writing and collecting, dealing with today’s popular culture, social media, literature and politics. The
exhibition space becomes an installation on its own where different characteristics and forms come together as an abstract archive of the shared memory of our society. New sociopolitical views and sociological issues go hand in hand with the banality and boredom of the online life. Making it seems like todays life and random acts are covered in an absurd humorous tragedy. With the three-day expo “I Was Busy Finding Answers, While You Were Just Continuing Life” the focus lays on queer history throughout independent film and music. Referring again and again to the coming-of-age genre throughout the exhibition, three points of views are being depicted and questioned, reflecting on a more personal view and experience by the artist himself, all within the coming-of-age genre.

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