The Concert with Democrazy
Lyra Pramuk & Daisy Darkpark
Season 3  

After a memorable night with Liniker e os Caramelows, Bebe Books and Democrazy have found each other again for another wild night under the shed of  Dok Gent. This time with a magical line-up full of electronic madness! 

Lyra Pramuk is an American singer, vocal activist, composer-producer and performance artist based in Berlin. Lyra unites classical music, pop and performance and blends it with influences from contemporary club culture. Her music is best summed up as futurist folk music.

Daisy Darkpark is the musical alter-ego of Belgian multi-media experimentalist Femke Fredrix, who currently resides mostly in Brussels.

This event was curated by Bebe Books and produced by Democrazy in the summer of 2021.

©Bebe Books