Museum Night 2019
Kunsthal Gent
Season 2

buren, Bebe Books and Other Women’s Flowers tripled up to organise a second edition of Wear Your Words II. After the first wonderful night in Vooruit they took a second turn in Kunsthal Gent with an evening where clothes and words came together. Everyone was welcome to play with texts and T-shirts, socks or any piece of clothing you’d like to give a voice to. Manoeuvre Gent and Minus One helped us and joined this event with their team members. They provided necessary materials and shared their creative knowledge. 

The continuous performance Thunderclap by Amy Suo Wu accompanied us during the evening, and we topped up the night with T-shirt Conversations and a dress-up party by buren. Following this Asa Moto joined for playing some tunes until the night ends.

Sordo, neighbour restaurant of Kunsthal Gent, brought their delicous food and filled our audiences’ bellies. Yumyum

This event was generously supported by Alles Kan Gent and Stad Gent.

©Bebe Books