Night Shift at Decoratelier
Season 4
Night Shift is a nomadic project creating generous shared spaces for artistic experiments. Artists from different disciplines can present work in an informal setting and make collective use of the eclectic public platform provided by Gouvernement and Decoratelier. This evening is all about letting go of boundaries & stepping into a unique and one-off world born from the interactions of a myriad of fresh work and ideas. As events and actions succeed each other, they form alliances and contrasts with the surroundings, the audience and each other. An endless swirl of interventions and experiments, allows each action to leave behind a unique trace and stimulating crossovers to trigger the unexpected.

After editions at Beursschouwburg Brussels (2018), De Studio Antwerp (2019), Vooruit Ghent (2019), Opera Ghent (2021) and  during Ghent International Festival (2022),  Bebe Books once again collabrated with Gouvernement for Decoratelier Brussels edition. 

For this night, we invited Mamore Ninja, Prigari and Hymen. After the performances we played some tunes until the morning.

©Bebe Books