On a Scale from 1 to Sunshine
Carole De Buck‘s Book
Season 4  
Nine months later, Carole de Buck & Bebe gave birth to this blue BIC book of drawings, in which she measures life 'On a Scale from 1 to Sunshine'.

Carole (26), working as a handywoman in Brussels, draws through life, documenting itself in blue BIC drawings. Through playful observations and combining different realities, she questions things thats we take for granted. Seemingly meaningless and invisible items are reversed, wrongly connected, and roughly reappear as a new. Drawings that honor life, as well as criticize society. Drawings as flowers, as well as dead fish, that measure life on a scale from 1 to sunshine.

  • Hardcover
  • Full Color
  • 208 Pages
  • 25 Euros
  • Printed in Belgium.
  • ISBN: 9789464660210

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