On a Scale from 1 to Sunshine Launch
Kunstencentrum Viernulvier
Season 4  

Nine months later, Carole & Bebe gave birth to this blue BIC book of drawings, in which Carole De Buck measures life on a scale from 1 to sunshine

Carole (26), working as a handywoman in Brussels, draws through life, documenting life itself in blue BIC drawings. Through playful observations and by combining different realities she questions that which we take for granted. Seemingly meaningless and invisible things are reversed, wrongly connected, and roughly reappear as new again. Drawings that honor life, as well as criticize society. Drawings of flowers as well as dead fish that measure life on a scale from 1 to sunshine.

Booklaunch was in the Bebe Pavilion at Viernulvier Arts Centre. During the launch, the yellow covers of the book were pimped with stickers by all who pass by. We served drinks and played our  the best of lists for visitors. 

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