Shifting Territories
Aalst & Brussels
Season 5  
The project takes a stand on the domestic spaces: aiming to challenge the stigma around domesticity through a queer approach, it explores and tests ways of belonging in urban leftover spaces.

In a changing urban environment, the lines between public and private spaces are becoming less distinct. “Shifting Territories” invites a shared action to reconsider the notion of belonging and space. Using urban natural space as a mediator, we aim to explore the interactions that shape our sense of home, through a series of collective workshops and performative experiences

The event took place in two settings over two days, Saturday 26 August in Aalst and Sunday 27 August in Brussels. Shifting Territories is a project from a joint idea and venture of Every Island and Bebe Books: event programmation by Bebe Books, and installation design by Every Island. Below is a list of artists who performed both days in Aalst and Brussels.

Shifting Territories’ inhabitants:

Nixie, Eddy & Bobby
Cee Fülleman, Make your own lube
Prutsklub, Flower Pounding by Ruud van Moorleghem
Claire Stragier, The Birth of the Dendermaiden in two parts

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