On Camp
Vodka Candy #6
Season 2

VODKA CANDY is a Ghent-based magazine founded by seven painters in 2018, which appears time to time. It is a platform created for the visual works that did not end up on canvas, but which are still autonomous elements within their painterly practices.

These painters are:
  • Jasmien BURSALI
  • Helena CEUPPENS
  • Alix DE JONGE
  • Celeste MATTOT
  • Niloufar NEMATOLLAHI
  • Louise SOUVAGIE
  • Stans VRIJSEN

To conclude the end of Vodka Candy’s first season and its paper form, the founding mothers went camping/glamping and stealing banners with the Bebe Books. 

The final result of this residency was shown at DOK. VODKA CANDY’s last issue of the season was both a camp(y) report and a look back on a wonderful year with behind-the-scenes material which has never been shown before, presented in an exclusive couture item made by us.

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