ebabes + eboys
Callum Leo Hughes
Season 2

ebabes+eboys documents female and male members of the ebay community using their bodies to sell items. For the exhibition at Bebe Space, ebabes+eboys photographs  printed on objects and displayed in a pop up shop.

The ongoing series presents images of the ebay users commodifying themselves through chosen forms of self-representation to entice buyers into purchasing their products. The users create visually pleasurable images for the online audience’s gaze, sexualizing themselves in pursuit of monitory gain by capitalizing on the misuse of the platform. From these images a selection of equally desirable photo-objects have been created, the seductive objects will be displayed in the exhibition and will also be listed for sale on ebay for the duration of the show.

Callum Leo Hughes (b.1991, UK) is a visual artist currently based in Berlin. Working with a combination of his own photography and found imagery, his work explores desire and the malleability of images. His work also pays close attention to the way in which photographs respond to each other, working with digital montages, photographic prints / objects, online interventions, video, installations and self-published books

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